Manage Your Membership

Managing your Membership is easy. You have access to a range of online ticketing services with Ticket Exchange and Ticket Transfer, the chance to book dining through our Premium Concierge Service, as well as a team of dedicated Account Executives who are on hand to assist with any queries.


If you or your clients are unable to make a match, you can choose to sell your Club Level Season. Tickets to other Members via Ticket Exchange for matches that are sold out. Terms and conditions apply.


Ticket Transfer is designed to make it easy for you to give your tickets to colleagues and clients. By setting up a network of people, when you are unable to attend a match, you are able to transfer your ticket to them at the touch of a button. The recipient will either have their membership card activated or be able to print an e-ticket, which will provide them access to the stadium, at which point your card will become deactivated.


Ticket Manager System is an online tool designed to maximise the value you get out of entertaining your clients at Arsenal Football Club. Through this service, you have a real-time view of ticket availability and the ability to approve internal ticket requests.

For more information, please call our Premium Memberships Team on 0845 262 0001.