Arsenal Platinum Membership Ticket Guide: Arsenal Hopsitality Help

  • Activating your Platinum Membership

    Please ensure that all of your Platinum Memberships are activated before using the Online Box Office (eTicketing) for the first time. Note, this is a different account to the one required to access the online members' portal on

    To activate your Platinum Membership, visit and click Activate It Now.

    Type in your Membership Number, Surname and click Find My Account.

    (Please note if tickets are owned by a company; the surname field requires the company name as written on your membership card).

    Then complete online registration form.

    Through selling a ticket using Ticket Exchange, you can earn 50 My Arsenal Rewards points. If you post and sell your ticket on Ticket Exchange within 24 hours of it opening, you’ll earn an additional 25 My Arsenal Rewards points. Note, the ticket must be sold for points to be allocated.

    View the benefits of Platinum Membership. 

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  • Linking your Memberships

    All  membership numbers must be activated before linking your memberships.

    Linking your memberships will allow you to manage your tickets from one account.

    Pick one of your membership numbers to be your primary account and Log In.

    Click on your name and membership number in the top right hand corner to enter My Account.

    Click on My Arsenal Network under Manage Your Account.

    To add existing users Scroll down and click Search for Existing Users

    Enter the Membership Number and Surname that you wish to add to your network and click Search.

    Select the correct membership when found. Alternatively, enter the members email address.

    Click upgrade in the left column to request authorisation from the member to manage their season ticket.

    This must be done for as many memberships you want added to your primary account.

    The recipient memberships will need to approve this request, by logging into their account. The request will appear on the homepage within notifications. If the notification is not there, click on your name in the top right hand corner, click on my Arsenal network and approve the request there.

    Checking your memberships are linked

    Once all memberships have been approved log in to the primary account Scroll down to My Tickets, Click View Tickets (if not already expanded) to check all your memberships are listed.

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  • How does Ticket Transfer work?

    Red/Silver/Junior Gunners Ticket Transfer enables season ticket holders unable to attend a game, to transfer their ticket electronically. Once completed the recipients membership card will be activated for the fixture.

    New User/Non-Member (ghost membership)

    Transferring to a non-member will require you to 'Create A New User '. This can be created by clicking on your name in the top right hand corner. Click on 'My Arsenal Network' then Register a New User.

    We recommend you fill out this form using your own contact details, so that you only have to create one of these.

    Please note your new membership number and password for future reference.

    Transferring tickets to a new user (non-member), will allow you to receive a PDF version of your tickets. When registering a new user, please ensure you have access to the email address you register, as this is where the tickets will be transferred to.

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  • Ticket Transfer step-by-step

    Step 1

    Visit the Online Box Office and Log In.

    If you have forgotten your password click Forgot Your Login Details and enter your membership number to reset password.

    Step 2

    Scroll down to the game you wish to transfer your tickets. Click View Tickets, then click Manage Tickets.

    Step 3

    Find the game you wish to transfer tickets. Click on Manage My Tickets. Tick the tickets you wish to transfer. Click on transfer. Search within 'My Network' to find the recipient, then click select.

    Step 4

    You may write a personal message to the recipient to confirm the deadline date and time you would like the completed transfer process to finish. All tickets must be transferred and accepted before the deadline.

    Press confirm to be taken to a confirmation screen, check information is correct, tick T&C's and Complete Transaction.

    Step 5

    What happens next?

    You will receive an email to confirm that your ticket(s) have been transferred to your selected recipient (pending their acceptance).

    Once your ticket has been accepted by the recipient, you will receive an email to confirm that your season ticket has been deactivated for the relevant fixture.

    Step 6

    If the recipient declines, you will receive an email confirmation and your season ticket(s) will remain active for the relevant fixture.

    Please note that a transfer can take up to 30 minutes to complete.

    During this time your ticket may still appear as available for transfer.

    Please do not attempt to repeat the transaction during this time as you will generate multiple emails to yourself and the intended recipient of the ticket.

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  • Accepting a Ticket Transfer

    Step 1

    If you are the recipient of a transferred ticket you will receive an email confirmation with the transfer offer.

    Step 2

    Visit the Online Box Office and enter your membership number and password to log in.

    Step 3

    After you login you will see the notification notice on the right hand side. Click Action Now to accept the transferred ticket(s).

    Step 4

    Click on Manage my Tickets to be sent through to a confirmation screen which gives you the option to accept or decline a transferred ticket. Select Accept the Ticket to complete the transfer. Declining the tickets will cancel the transfer.

    Step 5

    You will then receive an email confirming your accepted ticket details. If you are a non-member, you will receive a second email containing your Ticketfast (print at home) ticket. If you declined the tickets you will receive an email confirming your decision and the original season tickets will be reactivated.

    * There maybe occasions when paper tickets are printed and dispatched if a fixture is available for sale to friends and family.

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  • Ticket Exchange step-by-step

    Step 1

    Visit the Online Box Office and Log-In.

    If you have forgotten your password click Forgot Your Login Details and enter your membership number to reset password.

    Step 2

    Scroll down to the game you wish to exchange your tickets for. Click View Tickets, and then click Manage Tickets for the game you wish to exchange.

    Step 3

    Then click Manage My Tickets again.

    Tick the desired seat(s) that you would like to sell.

    Click Sell Tickets to use Ticket Exchange or Sell to a Friend to use Fan to Fan.

    Step 4

    The deadline is automatically set to the latest date which you can sell your tickets. Click Confirm.

    Step 5

    Tick the Terms & Conditions to confirm the Ticket Exchange agreement and click Complete Transaction.

    Make a note of your confirmation details in case you need to refer to them later.

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