Activating your Platinum Membership

Please ensure that all of your Platinum Memberships are activated before using the Online Box Office (eTicketing) for the first time. Note, this is a different account to the one required to access the online members' portal on

To activate your Platinum Membership, visit and click Activate It Now.

Type in your Membership Number, Surname and click Find My Account.

(Please note if tickets are owned by a company; the surname field requires the company name as written on your membership card).

Then complete online registration form.

Through selling a ticket using Ticket Exchange, you can earn 50 My Arsenal Rewards points. If you post and sell your ticket on Ticket Exchange within 24 hours of it opening, you’ll earn an additional 25 My Arsenal Rewards points. Note, the ticket must be sold for points to be allocated.

View the benefits of Platinum Membership.