How does Ticket Transfer work?

Red/Silver/Junior Gunners Ticket Transfer enables season ticket holders unable to attend a game, to transfer their ticket electronically. Once completed the recipients membership card will be activated for the fixture.

New User/Non-Member (ghost membership)

Transferring to a non-member will require you to 'Create A New User '. This can be created by clicking on your name in the top right hand corner. Click on 'My Arsenal Network' then Register a New User.

We recommend you fill out this form using your own contact details, so that you only have to create one of these.

Please note your new membership number and password for future reference.

Transferring tickets to a new user (non-member), will allow you to receive a PDF version of your tickets. When registering a new user, please ensure you have access to the email address you register, as this is where the tickets will be transferred to.