Platinum Membership FAQs

Platinum Membership FAQs

Matchday on Club Level FAQs

  • What are the Club Level matchday opening hours?
  • How do I get to/from Emirates Stadium?
  • How do I access Club Level?
  • Is there disability access to Club Level?
  • Are away supporters allowed on Club Level?
  • What is the dress code on Club Level?
  • Can I purchase Arsenal Merchandise on Club Level?
  • How do I get my complimentary programme?
  • How do I get my complimentary matchday drink?
  • Is there anywhere to smoke on Club Level?
  • Are there betting facilities on Club Level?
  • Can I bring my bag into Club Level?
  • How can I sell my ticket(s) to a fixture that I can’t attend?
  • What is the Cashback service?
  • Can I email paper tickets to friends and family?
  • Can I bring my children?
  • What do I do if I lose my Membership Card(s)?

Renewal FAQs

  • When can I renew my Platinum Membership(s)?
  • When is the deadline to renew my Platinum Membership(s)?
  • How can I renew my Platinum Membership(s)?
  • Is there a guide to renewing your Platinum Membership(s) online?
  • What is the Online Early Renewal Incentive?
  • What happens if I don’t renew my Membership(s) by the deadline?
  • How do I apply for Seasonal Dining?
  • How do I apply for an additional seat?
  • What should I do if I do not want to renew my Platinum Membership for Season 2020/21?
  • I have applied for Finance, what should I do?
  • What happens if my Finance application is rejected?
  • What is Platinum Membership and what is Club Level?
  • I have questions about my renewal, can I contact anyone?
  • Will I receive new Membership Card(s) for Season 2020/21?

Ticket Exchange FAQs

  • Activating your Platinum Membership
  • Linking your Memberships
  • How does Ticket Transfer work?
  • Ticket Transfer step-by-step
  • Accepting a Ticket Transfer
  • Ticket Exchange step-by-step

Ticket Transfer

  • (PDF)

    Download our Ticket Transfer Guide