Emirates Stadium uses what3words to help find precise locations at the venue, such as bridges, entrances/exits, ticket offices and other key locations. Every 3m square has been given a unique combination of three words: a what3words address.

We have added some popular locations here for Emirates Stadium - find each location by clicking on the link or entering the corresponding 3-word address into the free what3words app. 

For more information on how to use what3words, please click here.




What3words Emirates Stadium

what3words at Emirates Stadium

Matchday Box Office: ///thanks.grew.couple



South West Collections Office: ///flat.drag.shot



The Armoury - Retail Store: ///frame.lied.sketch



Highbury House Retail Store: ///rope.glare.offers



Club & Box Level Entrances:

• Dial Square (South) Club Entrance: ///kind.having.sleeps

• Woolwich (East) WM & Box Entrance: ///years.steps.fonts

• Royal Oak (North) Club & Box Entrance: ///feels.skin.fires

• Highbury (West) Diamond Club & Directors Box: ///chest.plays.petty



Media Entrance: ///extra.spike.save



Museum: ///stops.formal.storms




• South West Toilets: ///every.clown.skip

• North toilets: ///spend.lower.vouch

• South East Toilets: ///novel.transit.wins




  • Ken Friar Bridge (North): ///outfit.cigar.matter •Danny Fiszman Bridge (South- East): ///atom.beside.fend •South Ramp: ///fork.chefs.hoot



Statue locations:

• Herbert Chapman: ///flips.rocky.verbs

• Thierry Henry: ///units.remind.gave

• Dennis Bergkamp: ///angle.pound.insect •Tony Adams:  ///ship.hungry.blaze

• Ken Friar: ///blast.acted.palms



Queensland Road (Car Park): ///works.gosh.gained 




• Arsenal: ///saving.fishery.match

• Highbury & Islington: ///ages.battle.pulse

• Holloway Road: ///finest.enable.supper

• Finsbury Park:  ///sizes.frozen.rush